Simple to use A/B Testing, with powerful results

Optimizely is simple to use but its results can be quite powerful. In essence, it’s an easy way to measure and improve your website through A/B testing. As a business, you can create experiments with the site’s very easy-to-use visual interface. The beautiful thing about this service is that you need absolutely zero coding or programming background, as the tools are easy for anyone to use.

Features (Dependent on premium plan level)
Targeting and Personalization
Mobile web testing
Cross-browser testing
Multi-page funnel testing
Multivariate and A/B testing
Custom visitor segments
IP address targeting
Experiment change history

Say goodbye to technical bottlenecks and hello to actionable data.
Optimizely acts as your on-demand technical team, with technology that turns your creative changes into instantly generated and deployed code.

Track what matters to you.
Track engagement, clicks, conversions, sign ups, or anything else that matters to you and your business. Optimizely’s custom goal tracking provides an endless range of measurable actions that you can define. Just tell Optimizely what to measure, and we will do the rest.

Maintain total control.
The Optimizely platform is built to service users of all-types, from large enterprises, to agencies, to small businesses and more. With this in mind, the platform has administrative and project management functionality – easily create additional user accounts, organize projects and view your experiment inventory in an intuitive and easily navigable dashboard.

Test on your terms and timeline.
Advanced targeting, allocation, and scheduling features provide maximum flexibility and allow you to run tests on your terms. Schedule your tests to run when you want, target your test to key visitor segments, and precisely control the allocation of your visitors to variations.

Tailored to your work with your existing systems
One click will integrate Optimizely with a range of popular analytics tools, like SiteCatalyst, KISSmetrics, and Google Analytics, and Optimizely’s full-fledged API will give you the power to seamlessly integrate your testing data into virtually anywhere else you choose.

Not a coder? Not a problem.
A visual point and click editor offers a full range of customization, right at your fingertips. Edit text, images, colors, arrangement, and much more with the click of a mouse and instantly launch your new looks.

Revenue now, deploy later.
When you find winning variations, you can immediately allocate 100% of your visitors to those variations, until your technical team can deploy those changes to your live site. This means you never have to wait to react to the performance insights your tests uncover, and the results they yield.

Discover winning combinations across a range of your ideas.
Optimizely’s multivariate testing capabilities let you test multiple changes to different sections in parallel, and automatically finds the best combinations to address your goals.

Available for…
Agencies – Optimizely provides agencies with a versatile solution built to maximize time and resources and bring A/B and multivariate testing to their clients. Optimizely’s testing environment and project management tools allow agencies to dramatically reduce the time it takes for any to client see an idea through to execution, and achieve results.

Developers – Optimizely isn’t just for marketers. Our powerful APIs, JavaScript variation editor, and customizable integration hooks make A/B Testing easy for thousands of software engineers every day. Optimizely’s powerful visual editor makes each element on every page in the shopping funnel editable, quickly turning ideas for new creative, campaigns, landing pages, offer text, product page designs and more into highly targeted, personalized and optimized customer experiences.

E-commerce – Optimizely’s e-commerce solutions provide the tools to capture real-time customer insights that drive increased conversions and fuller shopping carts at checkout. Optimizely’s powerful visual editor makes each element on every page in the shopping funnel editable, quickly turning ideas for new creative, campaigns, landing pages, offer text, product page designs and more into highly targeted, personalized and optimized customer experiences.

Enterprises – Optimizely’s powerful enterprise a/b testing platform helps teams optimize demand generation, lead nurturing, and site engagement. Optimizely’s enterprise testing environment is built to provide large enterprises and teams with fast, reliable, and easy-to-use tools that complement existing marketing and product strategies.

Publishers – Optimizely’s solutions for online publishers offer A/B and multivariate testing tools that deliver actionable insights into visitor behavior. Satisfying the demand for the rich, relevant and personalized content visitors crave has never been easier. Optimizely’s visual editor and testing environment enable the easy creation and discovery of optimal combinations of content placement, size, headlines, images, and more. Easily define and achieve any goals, from higher click through rates, longer site visits, to downloads, or boosts in engagement.

Small Business – Optimizely’s SMB solutions offer fast, powerful and affordable website optimization tools that virtually eliminates the need for technical web development resources in the a/b testing process. Optimizely’s SMB solutions maximize the a/b testing benefits for SMBs, while relieving the strain on technical and financial resources

Insivia's Review

An incredibly powerful product and a very affordable price, Optimizely has very sophisticated and intricate capabilities with a very simplistic user interface; and that cannot be said enough: This tool is user friendly! Very easy to install and can get you and your company up and running with A/B Testing quickly. It offers competitive segmenting capabilities which allow you to target specific experimental groups based on location, operating system, device type, java script, referral site, and much more. A feature that we like is the ability to group certain experiments into folders called “Projects”, in which you can set your own granular user permission and allow specific people to edit and review this project. Optimizely is one of the most user friendly A/B Testing analytics tools on the web and is much more powerful than the low price tag may show. 

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