Real-time analytics that help you gain customers through all mediums, and keep them

Another great real time analytics tool focused on user engagement


Any question you can ask about your data, Mixpanel can answer.

For years, companies have pushed page views as a primary measure of success. Page view counts are popular because they are easy to report, but ultimately cannot tell you how engaged your visitors are. Mixpanel lets you measure what customers do in your app by reporting actions, not page views.

A simple way to answer complex questions.

Working with data often means writing SQL queries, which is great for engineers but hard or impossible for everyone else. Mixpanel’s segmentation tool simplifies queries by visualizing the questions you want to ask. Now analyzing your data is as easy as writing an email.

Powerful analytics means getting into the details.

Mixpanel’s power lies in giving you the ability to learn more from your data by being able to ask increasingly important and complex questions. Most analytics products limit insights to basic trend lines, showing for example “number of homepage visits” over time. Mixpanel goes further by enabling you to ask more of your data.

It’s a funnel, not
rocket science.

Funnels are a way to visually measure how customers move through any series of events. So creating a funnel in Mixpanel is as simple as choosing an event.

Other analytics tools ask you to set variables or rules, use fancy syntax, or fill in complicated forms. Just tell Mixpanel each event you want to track and you’re done.

Paint the full picture
with cohorts.
Cohorts are simply groups of customers that started using your app within a defined period of time. For example, all of the people who started using your app in January form a new customer cohort for that month. By displaying how often these cohorts return to your app, you can measure if changes you make to your app make it more or less valuable to customers. Cohorts are automatically grouped by day, week, or month, giving you the ability to see how your customer retention changes over time.

Let your customer’s
actions tell their own story.

Activity Feed puts customer behavior into an event-based timeline, so you can follow along as people experience your product, seeing where they get stuck along the way.

Now you can test ways to improve your app for specific segments by looking at individual customer behavior. For example, compare the behavior of customers that recently cancelled to see if they share similarities.

Insivia's Review

Feedback from Mixpanel is immediate and useful. Unlike other real-time analytics platforms, Mixpanel gives you events that are triggering (and not triggering) as it is in process, which makes debugging much easier. A great dashboard and and reporting makes breaking down your analytics much easier. This tool is incredibly easy to set up and functions just as well as any of the other high end, paid, analytics softwares.

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