CMS with the mobile website in mind

Liferay Portal is a free and open source enterprise portal project written in Java and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and optional commercial license. Content management framework.


Create personalized experiences online.
Give web visitors what they’re looking for. Liferay lets you tailor your website to the needs and preferences of each individual.

Grow social communities that deliver business results.
Give your audience tools for sharing knowledge, generating ideas, and building relationships – all while driving business goals.

Put your content in the context of your business processes.
Liferay lets you define and manage key workflows around documents and content to keep your business flowing.

Execute your mobile engagement
strategy the smart way.
With Liferay, get responsive web experiences out of the box, build your own native applications, and create a long-term enterprise mobile platform.

Insivia's Review

With a powerful workflow designer, define publishing and approval processes using Liferay’s built-in Kaleo Workflow Designer. LifeRay sync using cloud technology makes it simple to access your documents easily from your desktop or mobile device using Liferay Sync. Also,Liferay’s full-featured document management can also integrate with Sharepoint, Filenet and Documentum. Liferay is a great CMS to help you optimize your webpage, especially if you are looking to create a mobile site, they will help you with every step of the way and have been known to have great tech support and backing community of developers.

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