Manage and analyze all your social media

Manage multiple social networks, Schedule messages and tweets, Track brand mentions, Analyze social media traffic, 9 million+ satisfied users.



Unified streams

Get constantly updated message feeds from across all of your social networks. Now you can easily scan through all your conversations on one dashboard.

Quick replies

Forget about missing important engagement opportunities. Reply to direct messages, mentions, and comments with a single click.

Smart scheduling

You don’t have to be online all the time. Schedule content to post at peak times and reach your audience even while you’re away from your desk.

Saving drafts

Store all your message drafts and hold on to posts for future publishing. If your audience has common questions you’ll save time when you have an archived response on hand.

Bulk uploader

Like efficiency? So do we. Now you can create messages in a CSV file and bulk upload to your networks at once.

Precision targeted posts

Make sure you’re engaging with the right audience. It’s easy to target content according to location, language, and demographic.


Conversation maps

With uberVU via HootSuite you can visualize and compare trending keywords and phrases over time to see exactly what gets people talking.

Search streams

Looking for something specific? Create searches that target precise phrases and keywords and see the conversations relevant to you as they unfold.

Location filters

You can search for keywords and phrases with pinpoint accuracy. Be exactly where your audience is when you listen to conversations unfolding across the globe or within your neighbourhood.

Language filters

Social media is a global phenomenon. Filter conversations in up to 15 languages, and get to know your audiences from all over the world.

Command Center

Tailor the HootSuite Command Center to your brand and see all your business-critical statistics in a single view.


Create lists to track and engage specific audiences over time. You can create, import, and share lists of influencers or important clients and listen closely to the people that matter to you.


Pinpoint growth metrics

See exactly where and when you’re growing and get an in-depth look at your growth over time.

Visualize social demographics

Get to know your audience by gender or geography, right down to the city level.

Measure sentiment metrics

Discover real-time spikes in sentiment to see whether conversations are positive, negative, or neutral.

Identify social influencers

Pinpoint the key influencers and brands driving important conversations and generating buzz.

See what content resonates

Measure clicks, likes, retweets and more to see what content resonates most with your audience.

Create detailed social reports

Create custom reports with easy drag-and-drop layouts and share results with your entire organization.


Teams and departments

Tell HootSuite how your company is structured and start working within teams and across departments right from your dashboard.

Permission levels

Give people as much or as little access as necessary. With HootSuite Teams, admins have full control and can assign team leaders or oversee an entire group.

Assignments and tasks

Be in the right place at the right time. Now, anyone on your team can receive and assign messages to reply and engage.

Admin approvals

Designate team leaders to approve content before you share it. Create workflows that ensure your messaging aligns with your goals.

Message replies

When your team responds to messages, you’ll receive notification. Stop sending duplicates and focus on the conversations that need attention.

Internal Conversations

Skip your email inbox and cancel unneeded meetings. Now you can have internal discussions with your team right from the HootSuite dashboard.


Secure profiles

Whether you have two or two hundred users, you get a secure hub for all your social accounts. Now you can give and revoke access to your social networks without sharing your passwords.

Limited permissions

Give your team members appropriate access to publish to your social networks on your behalf. Use the read-only permission level to get the highest level of control over your outreach.

Mobile protection

Login and out on your devices without downloading and saving valuable data. With our HTTPS settings, your social assets are safe so you can keep working on mobile devices or while using WiFi.

Automatic locking

If there’s ever any suspicious activity on your account, we’ll automatically lock it down. Your social assets will always be protected against social media threats.

Double approval system

Avoid social media slip ups. HootSuite’s double approval system prevents mistakenly posting to the wrong account and eliminates accidental sharing.

Seamless compliance

Take advantage of our integrations with industry leading compliance software like Nexgate and Global Relay. Now you can be sure your messaging meets your industry and regulatory standards.

Insivia's Review

Staying current with your social streamsdepending on how dedicated you arecan require keeping many, many windows or tabs open simultaneously. That is, if you don’t want to launch a Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn page every time you want to read or post. Social media dashboard HootSuite has solved that problem nicely, for free. In just a few minutes, you can link to your networks and build a screen that displays up to five of your primary social streams, choosing from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ping.fm, WordPress, MySpace, Foursquare, and mixi. Hootsuite’s beauty is its streamlined nature; you can view multiple social networking streams on the screen at the same time without opening new pages. Hootsuite gives very powerful reports and the layout is beautifully designed, great for managing all of you social media.

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