Host online meetings right from your desk

GoToMeeting allows you to host an online meeting with up to 25 people, right from your desk. You can even share applications on your computer in real time, providing a more interactive feel to your meetings.


Easy to start. Easy to join.

Simple to use. High-quality video conferencing and meeting tools.

Benefit your entire organization.A cinch to manage. A boost to productivity.

  • Use an online administration center to allocate seats & monitor usage.
  • Enable or disable features according to your company’s security requirements. Track accountability with attendance reports.
  • Brand your meetings with your company logo.
  • Integrate GoToMeeting with your existing systems using APIs.
  • AddOpenVoice Integrated toll-freenumbers to GoToMeeting.
  • Need stand-alone audio conferencing?We have OpenVoice for that, too.


Insivia's Review

GoToMeeting is a great and intuitive online meeting medium, allowing up to 25 of your associates to be visually and actively involved in meetings to keep up productivity even when you cannot physically meet with your associates. It is very easy to start up and gives others notifications when the meeting is about to begin. You can see everyone face to face and it is very easy to collaborate by showing everyone the same charts and figures on the same screen so everyone is on the same page. Great website and worth the cost to keep you always up-to-date on your staff meetings.

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