Analyze all site traffic at your fingertips, in seconds

Gauges is a Javascript based real time web analysis tool that varies in pricing based on number of pageviews. It gathers and analyzes web traffic in real time.


Analyze all Your Traffic in Seconds
Collect and analyze your web traffic for all your sites in real-time using our fast, reliable, hosted system. See overview data for all your sites on a single page.

See Your Traffic As It Happens
Gauges will update your traffic data in real-time, as people visit your site. No need to refresh, or wonder what’s going on right now. You’ll know instantly

Watch your visitors with AirTraffic

See your traffic like never before! AirTraffic shows you live traffic to all your sites, on one single full-screen map dashboard, as it happens.

See Your Data In All Its Beauty
Gauges is fast, effective, and beautiful. You’ll love coming back often to see your traffic data presented in a breathtakingly simple, intuitive interface

Everything in One Place
Right at Your Fingertips

The thing we desired most when building was a quick, simple overview of all our sites, in one place. We were tired of remembering multiple logins, installing and updating software for each of our sites, or digging through the heap of information Google Analytics provides.

We wanted a simple, beautiful dashboard of how all our sites were doing, right now.

Insivia's Review

With simple dashboard navigation and time of day stats when your visitors are most likely to return, is a great analytics platform for a great price. Not only does it keep you updated with real-time stats and figures, but it also keeps you updated on where your page views are coming from with real-time locale demographics. With a very intuitive app on the Apple AppStore and the Android Store, lets you keep up to date when everything involved in web-optimization at all times of the day on almost any mobile device.

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