E-mail marketing service that allows you to get the right look for your mail

Emma has about 40 templates to choose from, but offers custom design services (for a fee). They also have a drag and drop email editor similar to MailChimp. Emma’s main value proposition is their design qualities which are far superior to most other email marketing software. Emma integrates with Bigstock, Aviary, Google Analytics and social media sites. Their response reporting is easy to interpret, but more importantly, can be easily transformed into usable actions. For example, you can view a list of subscribers who have taken an action (like opened or clicked) and turn that list into a new send list.

Insivia's Review

Emma is one of the top of the line E-mail marketing platforms because of its ability to give you the exact design you are looking for. Where it does lack in preset templates (only 40 in comparison to hundreds in the leading competitors), Emma does have custom design services which allow the user to create their own mail’s look and incorporate their own style and flair into it. Emma also has a very similar drag and drop editing system which is great for casual or first time users of e-mail editing software. Emma’s great software and support makes this a top of the line software. 

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