Mobile tracking with the tools to grow your business

You can track mobile, but to get the big picture you need to track and analyze so much more. CAKE Mobile is fully integrated into a multi-channel performance marketing platform. It merges attribution analytics from mobile and all of your other marketing channels, all on a single platform, significantly increasing visibility across the entire customer journey.Bringing the enterprise multi-channel advantage to all. Though mobile is one of the fastest growing areas, don’t let mobile-only data influence all of your decision-making. Ensure your platform can track and optimize marketing intelligence across channels, regardless of the size of your company. Easy access to market intelligence is available to all digital marketers – whether you’re a small app developer to an enterprise-level marketer.

Device Fingerprinting

Avoid duplicate event reporting and, therefore, ensure accurate reporting and accurate attribution since CAKE creates unique IDs based on user input.

SDK & Helper Files

Ensure accurate app install tracking, as well as in-app events by collecting attributes and parameters from the user. Helper files included.

Mobile Device Parameters

Leverage mobile device parameters to track users from the desktops to their mobile devices and back again. Ensure you always have the best user tracking.

Insivia's Review

cupCAKE Mobile Marketing Affiliate software is a hosted software solution that provides its users with all of the information and analysis they need to be successful in affiliate marketing. Although not a perfect solution, we were pretty impressed by how polished everything on offer with this package was, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to inject some life into your affiliate program. With a range of great features including performance management tools, excellent tracking methods and efficient analytics tools, users have everything they need to generate sales and boost revenue. All in all, with Cake Marketing on board, making a success of your affiliate program is, well, a piece of cake.

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