Constant Contact

Hundreds of customizable email templates to market through the web

Offers more than 400 customizable email templates. You also have the option to use a blank template or code directly with HTML and CSS. They also have a WordPress plug-in as well as a Facebook Fan Page app which gives your Facebook fans a way to sign up for emails directly from your Facebook Fan page. Constant Contact also allows you to change the From line on your email without requiring creation of a new account. This is important if you want your emails to come from multiple people within your organization. Key metrics and reporting data are very thorough – you can view bounces, complaints, opt-outs, click-throughs, forwards and social shares.

Insivia's Review

Constant Contact email combines your email campaigns and your social networking efforts into one easy-to-use service.Constant Contact email also has additional features such as video links, blog content, images, surveys and more that enable your customers to interact with your newsletters and messages.Another nice feature Constant Contact offers is the ability to change the From line on the email. If you have a special message from the CEO, you can alter the From field to reflect that instead of creating a new account for the CEO.Constant Contact email marketing is relatively easy to use and helps you create and monitor effective email campaigns.

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