83% of China’s digital shoppers made an online purchase in the past month

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In 2017, Global Web Index surveyed more than 72,000 internet users to determine who the world’s most avid online shoppers are. The survey results showed that the highest percentage of digital shoppers who made a purchase in the previous month come from China (83%) and South Korea (83%).

The percentage of UK’s online shoppers was slightly lower at 82%, while US online shopping population ranked outside the top 5, with 77% of digital buyers making an online purchase during the previous month.

Micro Case Study: How Accordion Menus Enhance User Experience
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In the realm of user engagement, the impact of a well-designed website is paramount. Accordion menus, hailed as a powerful organizational tool, play a pivotal role in not only elevating the visual appeal of a website but also enhancing its usability. Explore how Insivia successfully implemented accordion menus for EsquireTek, exemplifying their prowess in optimizing user experience through intuitive design.

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Micro Case Study: How Mega Menus Increase Site Performance
Conversion Optimization Website Design

Mega menus are a smart design choice for optimizing SaaS website performance. They efficiently organize features, enhance user experience, and offer a visually appealing interface. With benefits like improved navigation, reduced clutter, and valuable analytics, mega menus provide a comprehensive solution for seamless user journeys on SaaS platforms.

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