Micro Case Study: Mashore Method & Animation Video for SaaS

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How we helped Mashore Method articulate key benefits of their SaaS product with simple, fun, and powerful animation.

Why Animation Is A Great Strategy For PropTech Companies

Animation videos are extremely helpful because of the fact that you can share a lot of useful information in a quick fashion while still leaving a lasting impression.

Visuals are naturally a fantastic supplement to showcase your product crystal clearly. This is a common agreement since 49% of marketers say that visual marketing is a very important component of their marketing strategy.

Animation is the perfect opportunity to share what your brand’s look and feel encompass. It’s also a great tactic to simplify your product in a way that the viewer could see themselves implementing your software into their own business.

No one is going to want to get involved with software that looks complicated. Customers don’t want to feel in over their heads, they want something that will make their everyday life easier.

Video is consistently rated one of the top marketing strategies in SaaS, and by continuously leveraging intentional and exceptional content for your PropTech (or any subgroup of SaaS solutions), it not only keeps you in the league as a competitor, but also provides excellent marketing opportunities that sets you apart.

Mashore Method’s Explainer Video

The completed deliverable is a 120-second real estate SaaS animation video that shares what solutions Mashore Method solves not only with the voice-over but with the exciting,bold visuals. The character shows off the stress-free experience and the various tools from the one on one support a client receives from the Mashore Method team to the unlimited sales funnel builder.

See how we helped animate this Real Estate SaaS product’s features.

Meet Mashore Method:

An All-In-One Real Estate SaaS Platform

Mashore Method is an all-in-one CRM software that reinvents sales and marketing. Alongside the innovative software comes expert real estate coaching from Mashore Method’s in-house industry leaders. Mashore Method not only systemizes a client’s workflow all in one place, but they also provide one-on-one training from experienced coaches to elevate a client’s business. Mashore Method can integrate into a client’s existing email, social platforms, and other marketing tools, to allow seamless lead transition.

Mashore Method’s ideal customers are busy real estate professionals looking to “streamline their workflow and save money on costly marketing and sales software.”

Why Did Mashore Need A Product Animation

Mashore Method needed a compelling real estate SaaS animation video that encompasses all of what their CRM platform has to offer. The video would appear live on their homepage, so not only must it have been perfectly informative but also very aesthetically pleasing and in line with the Mashore Method vision, brand, tone, and voice.

Mashore Method wanted a new explainer video to generate interest for site newcomers and lead to conversions for their service. In order to execute the client’s wants, it was imperative that Insivia worked toward solidifying Mashore Method’s value proposition, brand voice, and key messaging to leverage video strategy and overall content that frames their software as an ideal solution for any potential customer with the targeted array of pain points.

How We Built Mashore Method’s Awesome Explainer Video

In order to get the ball rolling, we started with scripting. Each section would focus on a key element or message of the CRM. Not only showcase what it does but the why behind the need for a product like Mashore Method. We shared some pain points and what Mashore Method is doing to solve those problems for customers.

To support the messaging, we also pulled some client testimonials to add a more personal element to the animated video. It gave a nice balance between the graphics and real people sharing their experiences. Testimonial videos are a great way to build a reputation for consistency for any brand; Mashore Method’s addition to the work conducted in this project emphasized the importance of both elements.

The next step was storyboarding the visuals. The animation needed to complement the voice-over. You don’t want to overcomplicate the concept, that’s the total opposite of what you want to accomplish. A video like this should never run over 1-2 mins. It should remain brief and pique interest.

We didn’t forget about the details either. When the product features appeared around the character, we wanted the character to gradually start to smile. This casually and naturally implies that the product is making the character’s problem solved.

It’s the smallest details that can take a product video to the next level and leave a positive impression on potential customers.

Strategy Is Everything When Creating An Animation Video For SaaS

One of Insivia’s largest goals is assisting in communicating brand effectively, creatively, and uniquely. Mashore Method has a myriad of bright, vibrant colors in its scheme along with fun animated characters to utilize in any content created around their site.

It is important to carry any task out with a weighted purpose, and that is exactly how Insivia worked toward Mashore Method’s end goal.

Not only would this real estate video content be purposeful, but it would entice the customer experience journey to fruition by including a strong call-to-action urging viewers to schedule a demo.

Providing firm direction to potential future customers is imperative to curating the ideal customer experience. While there is limited opportunity to personalize content like an animated video on a landing or home page, there is freedom to make pain points feel heard and seen by Mashore Method.

Both Mashore Method and Insivia wanted to focus on the fact that the CRM provided a stress-free platform where real estate agents can have all of their business needs in one central hub. From funnel building, email and SMS marketing, reputation management, and more, there’s an array of features that Mashore Method’s CRM takes care of. In order to get that message across, the all-in-one element needed to be the star of the show

Explainer videos simplify complex concepts and sell the product much easier than it would if the visitor were just aimlessly exploring a page.

When building an animated explainer video, make sure that you:

Understand Visitors Only Watch It Once

One mistake many SaaS companies make when creating an animated video is that they watch it over and over again to make decisions. Keep in mind as you choose phrases, pace, music, and visuals that visitors will often only watch it once – and may not even watch the whole video.

Keep it Concise

The viewer’s attention span is very short. You should be able to cover the key points of your software in under 2 minutes. Anything past that length of time will lose viewership.

Tell a Story

With the time limit being under two minutes, it can feel a little daunting to force a story into your script. With the right punchy vocabulary, it is completely achievable. Remember that it is less important to cater to a niche audience with one particular problem, but rather highlight overarching pain points so that any viewer within the targeted audience not only feels heard but also prioritized by the solution.

Problem:                                     Solution:

animated video for saas & animated video for saas

Match Your Brand’s Style and Voice

Keep it simple! There’s no need to view this video content as something that equates to a big screen performance, it’s important to just ensure that whatever is created matches the brand being communicated across the board, consistently.

animated video for proptech

We highly recommend curating storyboards and a creative team to accompany your strategy. Smart planning will always lead to a successful product.

animated video for saas

Include a Strong CTA

Purpose is imperative. The best call to action will push the customer journey experience into its ideal next phase. Whether that’s clicking a button below the video to take the user to a new page, scheduling a call, requesting a demo, etc.

animated video for proptech

Explore some of the SaaS animations we created for our clients that are great examples of strong explainer videos.

Key Takeaways

Storytelling is a vital piece of the conversion pipeline. Customer experience is your top priority, and your messaging must be on point! With video, not only do you have endless opportunities to deploy your key messaging, but you have the space to do so creatively.

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