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What Should You Do Once You Have a Customer? – SAAS Marketing

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Once you close a lead it’s important to make sure you do everything you can to give them a great experience. This won’t just help retain the customer, but can also lead to referrals.  In this insight Patrick explains what you should be doing to make sure your customers get what they need and come […]

Do You Have a Web Conversion Issue?

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Matt discusses 3 things to look at to see if you have a web conversion issue. 1. Bounce Rate – When analyzing your website, take a look at the bounce rate on your contact page. If the bounce rate is 50% or higher you are going to need to re-evaluate that page. You need to […]

Tools for Tracking Your Website Conversion

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Today Patrick talks about some tools you can use to help track website performance. Google Analytics – Allows you to see the data behind your website. You can see what actions are taken on the site, what pages are most visited, and what keywords are used to get to your site. This information can help […]

Tips to Boost Conversion on your Site

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Today, Nina talks about some things you can do with your website to help increase your conversion. There are a lot of things you can do to help boost your conversion rate, but for now let’s look at some main things to consider when looking at your site. The first thing you want to do […]

How Landing Pages Can Help Conversion Rates

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Derek talks to us today about how landing pages help increase conversion on your website. Among other things, a landing page is essentially a page created to cater to one segment of your audience. Landing pages are usually linked with PPC, social media, or email campaigns. The goal is to make the message you are […]