Andy talks about the importance of design and technology, and how it can influence your sales.

Video Transcription

Design and technology are extremely important to your sales process. Design from a standpoint that you want to have a brand that’s consistent across everything you do which breeds confidence in prospects. And then you also want to look at it from a comprehension and ease of use standpoint. If your materials and process are really easy for the prospect to walk through, then there are no barriers for them to do business with you.

From a technology standpoint what you really want to look at is using tools like analytics to help track information so that you can see what information prospects are interested in, and how they’re moving through your process. The other part of technology is definitely having the right tools that can help you sell and close deals faster. So design and technology can be extremely important and profitable to your sales process.

July 11, 2019 Seminar

Marketing Uncovered: Market Research & Assessments To Win

Know Where You Stand To Reach Your Destination This seminar will give you a step-by-step approach to gathering information from prospects, assessing your current marketing, and evaluating competitors. These elements are key to creating a plan for successful marketing and we’ll be giving you a unique insight into how to get it done. During this […]

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