Derek shares how can you track your digital campaigns and improve your conversion with the use of A/B testing.

With digital becoming the front runner for many strategies  it’s now very simple to track the performance of your campaigns in real time. One way that you can do this is with the use of A/B split testing.

What is A/B split testing?

A/B Split testing is when you run an experiment on different portions of your website. You should identify different factors like buttons, calls to actions, graphics and then put them up against each other to see what performs the best. You can segment this traffic 50/50 or you can do it in any variation that you would like. This will allow you to identify which factor performs higher. From this point you can take the winner and identify new A/B testing opportunities and put those up against your original winner and continually optimize the page until you find what you visitors are looking for.

This will also help you in analytics because it will help identify the visitor flow and what your visitors are looking to achieve when they’re coming to your website. You can use A/B testing as an ongoing method until you know which factor reaches your audience the best or try other testing methods to improve your conversion.

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