How Landing Pages Can Help Conversion Rates

February 10, 2014
Derek talks to us today about how landing pages help increase conversion on your website.

Among other things, a landing page is essentially a page created to cater to one segment of your audience. Landing pages are usually linked with PPC, social media, or email campaigns. The goal is to make the message you are using in your PPC campaign, for example, the same message visitors see when they reach the landing page. This way we can segment the audience and tailor the message to reflect exactly what they are looking for. Once they reach your main website they already understand what products you're offering and which ones are specific to their needs. This helps to increase not only your website's conversions but also helps SEO by increasing your websites confidence score.

Landing pages are also a great way of using split testing. They are simple enough to easily change elements such as a call to action buttons, colors, object placement and anything else you want in order to see which structure and layout work better.?

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