A flexible, elegant, and easy to use CMS

Open Source software. TextPattern is probably one of the more overlooked CMSs out there. TextPattern is a highly flexible CMS, though, that’s easy to use out of the box and easy to customize by designers and developers. It uses a tagging system to make content retrieval and display easily controllable. TextPattern uses Textile to quickly convert plain text to valid XHTML in your articles and content, which makes it very user-friendly for less technical users.

Just write

Design freedom

Secure and stable

Easy to manage

Excellent support

An extensible platform

Insivia's Review

Oftentimes been herald as the “most flexible open-source CMS available”. It is a favorite to designers and developers around the world with its small footprint and straight forward interface. Easy for technical end users and flexible for the average joe, Textpattern is the definition of the classic CMS software with a focus specifically on content and design making this perfect for getting the most out of your blog or webpage. 

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