13.7% of sales are online

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According to the latest statistics from Statista, online shopping accounts for 13.7% of all retail sales. Looking at the e-retail sales over the years, we can see the continuous growth in this industry.

Namely, in 2015, online sales accounted for 7.4% of all sales. That number increased to 8.6% in 2016 only to reach a double-digit in 2017, i.e., 10.2%. Last year, e-retail sales saw further increase, jumping to 11.9%.

This year, based on eMarketer’s forecast, online shopping should reach a new high, accounting for 13.7% of all retail sales. The source also predicts that global e-commerce sales will have an even bigger share of all sales in 2020 at 15.5%, while climbing to an even more impressive share in 2021 (17.5%).

This data is focused on total and e-commerce sales worldwide, but these numbers vary from country to country. If we take a look at China’s online shopping statistics, 2018 saw e-retail sales accounting for 28.6% of the country’s total retail sales.

Furthermore, eMarketer expects online shopping in China to make up a third of all sales (33.6%) this year. On the other hand, online retail sales in the US are significantly lower. Based on the data from the US Department of Commerce, US e-commerce sales account for 9.8% of all sales.

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