36% of SaaS businesses managed to reduce their revenue churn over the last 12-months

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32% of respondents experienced an annual churn rate of 5% or less, while almost one-?fth had churn exceeding 15%. Survey responses suggest mixed results in controlling churn. While slightly over one-third report a decrease in churn over last year, 30% of respondents saw an increase in churn and the balance 34% saw no signi?cant change. Annualized Revenue Churn Rate 0-5% churn 5-10% churn 10-15% churn


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The fastest growing SAAS companies averaged $250k in MRR and were only losing around 3.2% of that revenue each month to churn

Smaller SAAS companies reported more frequent use of third-party providers as their primary application delivery method, while the largest companies were more likely to use self-managed servers

Achieving a SaaS Quick Ratio of 4 is a good benchmark for young, high-growth companies but the equation changes as those companies reach scale

Net-revenue churn improves with larger Average Contract Value (ACV), likely due to more structural churn among SMB customers and higher switching costs associated with larger contracts

55% of SaaS companies rate Customer Retention as the key metric to measure

The fastest growing SaaS companies scale their organizations rapidly, growing their teams by an average of 56% each year

To generate a single dollar of new customer revenue, Field Sales strategies have an average Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of $1.14

There are 9.6 million websites that use e-commerce technologies

70% Say Presentation Skills Are Critical For Career Success

More than 1/2 of SAAS companies increased their spending on customer retention last year

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At a 35% CAGR, it takes 10 years for a SaaS company to grow from $5M to $100M in ARR

Revenue Renewal Rate= (MRR up for the renewal at beginning of month- MRR not renewed at the end of month)/ MRR up for renewal at beginning of month)

Getting paid in advance is really smart idea if you can do it without impacting bookings, as it can provide the cash flow that you need to cover your cash problem

Increases in revenue growth rates drive twice as much market-capitalisation gain as margin improvements for companies with less than $4 billion in revenues

Only 8% of large companies use internet sales strategies. The proportion of companies relying on internet sales increases as company size decreases

73% of organizations indicated nearly all their apps will be SaaS by 2021

Analysed by contract value, field sales are primarily evident for companies with median deals over $25K. Inside sales strategies are most popular for companies with $1K-$25K median deal sizes

The top 50% of the fastest growing SaaS businesses generate much higher upsells than their competitors. The larger the business, the greater the impact of upselling

SaaS, and other recurring revenue businesses are different because the revenue for the service comes over an extended period of time (the customer lifetime)

At Facebook, 15 percent of tech roles are staffed by women

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