Our guidebook provides 10 tried and true tactics for increasing your SaaS website conversion rates.

“Studies show that 7% is often an average Conversion Rate for SaaS websites. Obtaining over 5% is considered good.”

No matter where your SaaS website conversion rate is currently, it always can be optimized to deliver more results. What most SaaS companies miss are the low hanging fruit that can significantly increase sign-ups, trials, and demos.

It is important that SaaS companies look at all of the elements including onboarding, feature promotion, customer communication, support, user experience and more to convert those PQLs into paid customers.

In Product-led SaaS, you are looking to convert visitors into either trials or freemium accounts, but that is only the start of the journey.

For Sales-Led SaaS organizations that require more detailed demo processes, improving the SaaS sales process is key to seeing MRR growth.

SaaS Websites need to offer multiple conversions based on where a visitor is in their buying cycle.

As a SaaS Web Design Agency, we focus on optimizing PQLs and SQLs to get trials, sign-ups and demos.

Understanding how visitors view and read is important to increasing conversion rates.

When selecting imagery, screenshots and media, it is important to understand how visitors eyes flow based on those images and colors.

SaaS Conversion Stats

For SaaS businesses, a ballpark figure for visitor-to-lead conversion through free-trial signups is 7%. This may include both sales qualified leads and marketing qualified leads. The qualification rate stands at 36%, and the closing rate at 27%.

Free trial to paid SaaS conversion rates are dependent upon the trial length and type of trial, but a general target range is 25-60%

Freemium (a type of account that is a mesh of free and paid accounts where users can access some features for free and pay for other, more premium features) SaaS conversion is between 1-10%

For opt-in trials (no credit card needed to start), Useproof reports an industry benchmark of 25% for conversion of a trial to a paid user.

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