Creating Multiple Conversion Points on SaaS Website

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Everyone tries to focus on the big conversions like demos, trials, and purchases but that leaves a lot of visitors behind.

The reality for any business is that not everyone that visits is ready to buy. Each person is at a different place in their buying cycle and we must plan our conversions to match that reality.

Watch Episode #3 of The SaaS Coach Show below as well as explore this article to understand the value of multiple conversion points that match buying cycle stages.

Not everyone is ready to buy – its that simple.

Conversion on high commitment actions like trials and demos tend to be only 2% – 4% of visitors and sometimes a little higher.

So what about the other 90+ percent of visitors? They might just not be ready — but we don’t want them to just walk away.

Don’t ignore the creepy watchers or the stalkers.

The majority of our visitors are the watchers who are just visiting and checking things out. Then the stalkers who lerk in the shadows but are learning about you.

Finally, the buyers want to be in a relationship and are comfortable letting you know who they are.


On the edges of our marketing are the people we barely see but they notice us.

This is the majority of traffic to your site.

“Right on time”

The stalkers are really paying attention but don’t want you to know they are there.

These are a silent majority learning and making the decision if they want to make themselves known.

“Hey gurl.”

Our buyers are the smallest group of visitors – they may have been creepy or stalky in the past but now they want you.

The buyers are where we focus our energy but in the world of marketing and wanting to capture the most people we can’t ignore the others.

We call them the browsers, researchers, and buyers.  And with only a small percent being buyers, it is not very smart to ignore the other majority of visitors.

So how do we convert more people across the entire buying cycle?

Multiple conversions that match each of our buying stages.

SaaS Conversions

What does commitment have to do with it?

The earlier a visitor is in their buying cycle, the less they will be willing to commit especially having to exchange contact information fo rhe commitment.

Low Commitment Conversions for Browsers

Newsletters and downloads are low commitment.

Medium Commitment Conversions for Researchers

Webinars and tools are great mid-level conversions.

High Commitment Conversions for Buyers

Trials and demos are high commitment for visitors.

Content comes in many different flavors.

Let your visitors taste the rainbow.

There are a ton of different types of content out there and instead of sticking with your old favorites (articles) think about your audience, their mental state, and their place in the buying cycle to offer more interesting and valuable content to drive conversions.

The Conclusion – there was no collusion.

Trump reference anyone?

Basically, don’t just have one conversion for a demo, trial or contact.  Always have muleiple conversions that are appealing to people in different stages of their buying process.

It’s all about conversion and this makes a huge difference.