How to Create a Software Roadmap

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See our full series on SaaS Retention.Creating great software is no easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort, and funds to develop effective software, something that most companies can’t afford. Therefore, MVPs have become so popular among software development companies, as these versions can bring in the initial funds needed to continue the […]

Making Your SaaS Product and Features Sticky So Users Won’t Leave

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Explore our entire show on SaaS Retention.Most startups tend to focus most of their energy on acquiring new users for their product or service. During this phase, you tend to hear terms like growth velocity, viral marketing, and growth hacking in most meetings as their major objectives.And although these teams are doing nothing wrong planning […]

Making the SaaS Onboarding Experience Awesome

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See our full SaaS Retention Video Series.Learning something new from scratch isn’t always easy.It can often be demotivating if you struggle to quickly get up to speed and get value from a new software solution.The key to success for a SaaS company is retaining users to get the most value out of acquisition costs and […]

What is Churn and Why is Retention Important?

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Watch all episodes of our SaaS Retention Show.The rate at which customers cancel their subscriptions to service is SaaS churn. Every subscription company refers to churn as their enemy. It is the probability of which customers withdraw their recurring subscriptions with your SaaS company. We regard SaaS churn as a key metric through which companies […]

SEO Ranking Factors


Search Optimization GuideSEO Ranking FactorsWhat criteria influence your search rank? Find out below.What are ranking factors?Google and other search engines have algorithms and systems that constantly scour the internet to determine where sites should rank.Often results are determined real-time when someone searches, but there are factors that search engines have already measured for your site […]

Brand Strategy Framework

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The BRAND STRATEGY Show: Episode #1 ExploredA Framework for Creating A Smart Brand StrategyA brand is so much more than a logo.It’s what makes you unique and how you communicate that to prospects, customers, and employees to inspire them to take action.Your Brand Strategy is a framework for marketing, selling, recruiting, raising capital, and so […]

SaaS Website Design Consistency for Conversion

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Our goal is to increase conversions into demos, trials, and purchases as well as downloads, webinars, and follows.Often a huge design mistake is not developing a consistent and predicatble experience that makes it significantly easier for visitors to traverse a site and know when to take actions.To get started, watch episode #8 of our SaaS […]