What is Mobile Marketing?

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Today Matt explains Mobile Marketing and why it has become essential for every business. Video Transcription Hey everybody it’s month number two of our Insivia Seminar Series and this month we’re going to talk about mobile marketing. So before we get to in-depth with it I want to start at the basics for everyone that’s […]

How Should You Design For Mobile?

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Today Chad explains how you should plan to design for mobile in order to make it work for the user. Video Transcription When designing for my mobile site there are a few things you need to keep in mind. One of them is making sure the site has all the information you need accessible. Don’t […]

Mobile Marketing 2013


Mobile devices have seen a boom in the last few years making the number of smartphone users in the U.S. reach over 80 million. To add to the mobile device increase, tablet users are also growing at a high pace. This has pushed businesses into an awkward position by forcing them to look into Mobile […]

Should You Submit an XML Sitemap?

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Today Rick lets you know if you still need to worry about submitting an XML sitemap. Video Transcription Hey everyone, Rick Scheeser here and today I’m here to talk to you about site maps. With the evolution of Google and how fast they can scan and analyze websites on the web we get a lot […]

How to Choose the Right Keywords


A frequent question we get is whether or not you should repeat your keywords. The easy answer is that repletion works just fine as long as the meaning of the phrase as a whole is varied. Bad:Cat Food and Cat Food Online Good: Cat Food Reviews and Cat Food Comparison Use All Available Tools One […]

Top 10 Ways To Tell If Your Links Are Bad


When optimizing your site you need to make sure that you have good quality links. In order to help point you into the right direction we’ve made a list of simple clues to telling if a link is bad. Ditch The Link If: It uses the words SEO, or Link in the page title or […]

How Do You Test Your SEO Campaign?

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Today Patrick lets you know how you can figure out if your SEO campaign is working. Video Transcription As important as it is just to do SEO tactics in just to try to optimize your site it is equally important to evaluate what you’re doing and to change if it’s not working and to just […]

Should You Only Focus on Google?

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Today Andy lets you know if you should only focus on Google or if you should include all search engines in your campaign. Video Transcription Good morning everybody I’m here today to talk about a common question we have with search optimization of whether you should focus just on Google are also look at some […]

How Do Search Engine Robots Work?

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Today Rick explains how Search Engine robots work and what you need to do to prepare your site for them. Video Transcription Hey everyone, with this month being SEO focus here at Insivia, I want to today about robots. Now these are not the robots that you find in the sci-fi movies these are the […]

Social Media Tourism Symposium 2013 – Elite 8 Voting

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It’s that time of year again when brackets are being filled in and Cinderellas are making headlines. The 2013 Social Media Tourism Symposium is back and Cleveland has made it into the elite eight. Now, we need all Clevelanders to help show their support and vote from 10am to 10pm Tuesday 3/19 and help advance […]