Why Is My Logo So Important?

November 22, 2010

It's who you are. It's how you are identified.

Think about it. Target's logo is a bulls eye made of a solid red circle with another red circle surrounding it. Nike? A solid color swoosh. Apple? An apple. See where this is headed?

Think simple.

Don't make it complicated. The most successful logos are so simple its painful. Now this isn't to say this comes easy. The key is to design the logo to be so elemental that it can withstand trends. The Apple logo hasn't changed since its creation. You may think it has, but it has kept its shape through decades of modifications. Starting by being filled with bands of color, moving to various embossed color iterations and then going to a simple solid white or black shape. The identity has stayed true to form as it began. ?With the best logos, they no longer have to have the text with it, the shape alone is synonymous with the name of the company.

So how do you do this for your company? Many companies do not have names that have such easy image associations. Car companies usually resort to logos emulation the first letter of their name: "H" for Honda, "M" for Mazda, "T" for Toyota, etc.,. They key is to find an item, image or shape that can convey the idea or essence of your company that is so simple that it can be modified over time as trends change without having to reinvent every couple of years.

It takes an extreme measure of balance. Too far to one side it becomes so stylistic it becomes overkill. Too far to the other side and you have a generic, nondescript logo that does nothing. The perfect balance is the simple idea that generates a striking form that defines your brand.

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