A Vision Gap is a disconnection between the business and it’s employees, customers & prospects.

This gap can cause huge problems and stagnation. Bridging that gap is fundamental to growth.

Our guidebook provides insight on how to scale your company through alignment of your vision.

  • The Visionary
  • The Obsession
  • The Expectation
  • What is The Vision Gap
  • Culture Gap
  • Customer Gap
  • Prospect Gap
  • The Pillars of A Successful Vision
  • The Elements of Your Vision
  • Example Exercise: Creating Core Values
  • Communicating Your Vision

“Leaders inspire and excite the teams around them with their vision – it can often be infectious. When a leader sees the destination and the path, but employees, customers and the world see nothing or something completely different – there is a huge problematic gap.”

Andy Halko, CEO

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