Driving Targeted Website Traffic to Generate Leads

October 28, 2017

For enterprise software companies, a smart website is key to driving leads -- often demo requests, introductory meetings or even registrations for a free trial.

Every B2B Saas company is looking for that silver bullet to drive results with a website redesign but the fact remains that a successful website is a sum of many working parts. There is no one single key strategy - it is many strategies that are working in harmony to move people from beyond your website into a sales funnel.

Factors Involved In Achieving Web Results

There really are a lot of factors that impact success on a website. Each should be analyzed for how they are impacting results positively or negatively.

Let's just do a fast list of website factors and explore them more later.

  • Getting the right traffic that wants to buy from you.
  • Site design that builds confidence and trust.
  • A clear hero message that confirms expectations and peaks interest.
  • Page design and layout that draws visitors to the next step whether a click or scroll.
  • Clear articulation of information that matches what your audience is looking for.
  • Conversions and calls to action that match multiple phases of the buying cycle articulation of information

Website Traffic for Enterprise Software

Results are what is important and we've established that a number of factors go into acheiving lead generation. One of the first steps in that process is website traffic - but not just any traffic - the key is to attract and drive the right traffic.

What does it mean to drive the right website traffic?

  • The visitor has DEMAND for what you offer.
  • The visitor meets your ideal criteria to resonate with your message and validation
  • The visitor has the means to purchase your offering.

We often call it frictionless sales when a visitor meets this criteria when they visit but are able to quickly and easily move through the conversion and sales process.

This is why optimizing our website traffic strategy is so important to not just producing leads and conversion but also having those visitors fly through the sales process.

97% of larger SaaS companies advertise with LinkedIn Ads 51% of website visitors come from direct traffic.

How To Drive The Right Website Traffic

If the right website traffic can move more streamlined through our website and sales process, it is obviously important to employ tactics that do that.

The key concept is to evaluate your channels for how those people will match the criteria that we mentioned above.

Here are some of the channels and ideas on getting the right website traffic for them:

  • Search optimization is one of our favorite channels. When you optimize for the right phrases, it drives traffic that has high demand.
  • Paid advertising when done right can drive a lot of the right people with demand - search advertising obviously is targeted at people with a need.
  • Partners and affiliates are another strong channel for visitors that have deman.

These tactics are a lot more about inbound and people looking for something rather interruptive where you are trying to convince them to have demand.

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