Social Media

Social media marketing is a great way to reach potential clients and keep your company in the public eye. Read on for some tips that will help you get started with this powerful marketing tactic.

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Should Businesses Utilize Instagram?


Patrick explains how a business can use Instagram to improve their presence. Video Transcription Instagram can definitely be used for business. It’s really taken off over the last eighteen months and I think it can be used for business in a number of ways. You can show off your culture at your organization. You can […]

Using QR Codes


Andy explains what you need to be thinking about when deciding to use a QR code. Video Transcription QR codes are a huge fad right now and everybody is putting them everywhere. The question is; are they really useful? The approach we usually take is that you’ve got to use them in certain circumstances. One […]

The Perfect Time to Tweet


The twitterverse is crowded with information rapidly running down your newsfeed. Reading and engaging with every tweet would be a 24/7 job—at least! To stay up to date on all social media platforms and to get the most out of it, you need to start working smarter, not harder. With millions of people on Twitter […]

Social Media Opens Communication with Customers


A Business/Customer relationship is identical to the rest of the relationships in your life when it comes to communication. If my girlfriend and I didn’t listen to each other, she would have moved on to some other stud by now. If I don’t pay attention to my dog when he wants to go out, he […]

Tracking the Popularity of Links You Share on Twitter


Recently, insivia has been ramping up the use of its twitter account to help promote our new blog, our expertise and many of our other special announcements. One thing that was important to us was to quickly be able to gauge the popularity and value of providing links to blog posts or other resources. Fortunately, […]

Why use Social Media? Part 1: Distribution


Social Media seems to be the big buzz lately, but I know there are many out there (inside the marketing industry as well) that don’t have any clue of the benefit. This is especially daunting considering the amount of time and effort involved in using Social Media. I will be writing a several part series […]