Top 10 Ways to Make videos More Effective

May 31, 2013

Test Autoplay vs. Press Play

Usability guidelines advise against autoplay as it is an interruption technique that tends to annoy people and make them click stop or back, but this technique can also increase conversion. That means you are going to have to test which method you are going to use?and which one will make the most impact for your brand.

Leverage other channels

Make sure you don't just post to YouTube or Vimeo and wait for it to go viral. You need to put your marketing efforts into getting your video out their on all your networks. For example, make a post to your blog, using a keyword-rich title and description, which you can then post to your Facebook page to reach a wider audience.

Add a Call to Action

By adding a call to action to your video you can greatly help increase conversion. You can choose to have it always visible or choose to have it appear at specific moments in the video.

Play with Length

It's hard to know just how long a viewer will watch, so you'll want to play around with the length of your video and see what fits your customers needs. It also depends on the content of your video. Some subjects may be suited to 30-second clips and some may be more suited for a longer more detailed study.

Audio Overlay

If you are recording a product or service demonstration it is a good idea to record the screencast first and then place an audio overlay later using an external mic. This will give you the chance to make sure you say exactly what you want and how you want to say it.

Use Gestures

Feel free to use gestures in your video like a person pointing or even a verbal instruction. This can help increase your conversion and drive more viewers to your landing pages.

Use a Script

If you aren't a born movie star you might have trouble standing in front of a camera and talking off the top of your head. In order to make it easier, try to write out a script before you tape so that you can run through what you would like to say a few times before attempting to record. I can help save time and frustration.


It is believed that video is 52 times more likely to show up on page one of Google than a text article dues to lack of competition. This mean you need to make sure to optimize your videos as soon as you get them posted.

Make it sharable

When you upload your video make sure it is sharable. If your viewer likes what they just watched most likely they'll want their friends to watch it as well. So make sure you give them the ability to easily share it on their social networks.

Utilize insights

YouTube analytics can be a powerful resource if used correctly. This information lets you know who's watching your videos and how they found them. You can take this information and learn what works best for your audience and what content you should provide in the future. If you take these 10 tips and apply them to your next video you'll be sure to see a positive impact. You can also receive more information if you connect with us through Facebook and Twitter, and also register for our Video/Animation Seminar we are hosting on May 30th from 11:30-12:30 pm (Register).

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