Top 5 Tips for Creating Video

May 22, 2013

Today Andy gives you 5 different ways that you can make your video a success.

Video Transcription

Hello everybody! I want to talk today about the top five tips for creating videos. The first is keep it informational and valuable. What your audience really wants is to find value out of your videos. They want to land on your site or go to your YouTube channel and get something that they can use in their everyday life that can make their job easier that they can get some value out of an really do something that impacts that way so make sure you’re taking those videos informational and valuable.

The other is be real and genuine. You don’t want to be salesy. There’s no need to bring out that car salesman persona to get on the video and you know regurgitate about your business on whatever videos that you’re creating. Keep it real and genuine so that you can really create that connection with your audience.

The next would be to use a video sharing site, something like YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos. There’s some great services out there like that, that make it easy, will make sure that the video works on any device and that it streams quickly for visitors to view. So don’t always host that video yourself. Look at using those services.

The next is make sure that your sharing it. Get that video out there and make sure that you’re posting on your social media sites, you’re putting it on your site, your including it in your email blast, it’s part of your email signature. if you’re going to take the time to create that video make sure that your posting it and sharing it as much as possible so you can get that value.

My last little tip is keep it short. People aren’t watching videos that are six minutes long or ten minutes long. You really want to keep your short punchy videos to thirty seconds or a minute or maybe if you’re doing a little bit longer of a corporate video you could go as far as and then at the three minutes. So make sure you’re thinking about those tips when you’re looking at creating videos and you’ll have some really successful videos to put out there.

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