Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach out and connect with your customers without having to call them, visit them in person or show up unannounced. It’s as easy as sending an email.

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B2B SaaS Growth Marketing Strategy

Article in B2B SaaS

The B2B SaaS industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, averaging approximately 30% per year. This robust growth has been backed by the huge rise of the use of technology in proffering solutions to major business problems. Gartner research published that the revenue of the SaaS industry should hit $143.7 billion USD by the […]

Delivering Value Through Personalized Email Marketing

Article in Agile Marketing

Think about the last time you went to buy a car. Odds are, you didn’t just walk into a dealership and buy one immediately. You probably looked at a few, test-drove some of them, and then picked one or two you really liked to mull over. How about after you left the dealership? There’s a good […]

What makes for a good email marketing experience?


So, you’re starting an email marketing campaign–even (in the age of social media) a very useful and one of the most viable tools for keeping in touch with your clients and prospects. You’ll have a lot to consider, but here are three very basic tips to keep in mind to make people read: Some people […]