Andy explains the difference between global bounce rate and page bounce rate and what you should be looking at.

Video Transcription

When your looking at analytics your going to have a bounce rate which is the rate when people come to a website and leave right away. So when you’re looking at your analytics you’re going to have a global bounce rate, which is the bounce rate across the entire website, and then you’re going to have per page bounce rate where people are coming to a specific page and then leaving. What you really want to look at is that page specific one because that global one is going to include pages that people might not typically want to stay on the website for. An article about a random topic, a contact page where they are just looking for an address and directions, so you’re really getting skewed information.

What you want to look at are the main pages of your website, stuff like your homepage, certain services or whatever pages you want and look at those bounce rates specifically. So when you’re looking at your analytics don’t always look at the global bounce rate, look at that page specific bounce rate.

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