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Best Medical Device Websites


In this article, we shall highlight the best medical device websites where you can have access to vital information that helps you in product design and market penetration strategies.

Saving SEO Face in the Wake of a Website Redesign

Article in Agile Marketing

You’ve worked hard over the years making sure your website is well-optimized. You’ve spent countless nights reading up on Google’s latest algorithm updates, wondering how they’re going to affect your website traffic and search rankings. You may have dabbled in some black- or grey-hat techniques in the past, but you’ve since seen the errors of […]

Why Search Traffic Is Still the Top Driver for Software Companies

Article in Agile Marketing

In a world of ever-evolving technology and processes, a lot has changed when it comes to SEO. Because of this change, B2B marketers need to reconsider their lead generation strategies.Need more convincing? Check out these statistics Google found on the most recent trends:Almost half (48%) of customers uncover B2B tech brands they haven’t heard of […]

Search Optimization: the Battle.


Imagine that Google is a hill – (go with me on this). The top of the hill is the first page – the number one place to be seen. The further you go down the hill, the less likely anyone will find you – recent statistics say that less than 12% of people wander past […]

Does meta data still matter?


Google does not look at your keyword meta tag in their search engine rankings, but does still weight the title tag as important.

How do I get a list of my inbound links?


When it comes to optimizing our site for search engines, inbound links are a huge part of the equation. Read more about a powerful set of tools to find the links coming into your site.

How much business could you be losing to leftover links?


We are constantly creating links that have an unknown shelf life. With social media, sending links out on Twitter, our links could potentially be out there on the internet for years just waiting for someone to find them.

What’s the Difference between SEO and PPC?


When you do a search for, say, “Cleveland marketing,” you’ll get two types of results: organic listings and paid listings. These listings are based on your SEO and PPC campaigns. SEO is all about boosting your site’s rank in organic searches. PPC campaigns are paid listings. The two columns populate using the same search terms, […]