Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the process of using software to automatically trigger and coordinate an email campaign, or a series of emails that are sent out at specific intervals.

The result? A more personalized customer experience for your potential customers without the need for constant interaction with them.

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Should You Be Exercising Your SEO Rights?


  Due to the increased amount of consumers turning to the Internet before they make a purchase decision, companies need to give some extra attention to search engine optimization to help drive sales.   Although theoretically all websites should be optimized, it’s more important for some websites than others. But how do you know if […]

Marketing for Manufacturers: Wire-net Presentation

Article in Presentations

Marketing for Manufacturers This presentation was given at Wire-Net to a group of manufacturing and related companies about startegic marketing with high-level tips across a wide array of channels.   Some of the Topics Marketing As A Science Personas Marketing Plans Search Optimization Pay-Per-Click E-Mail Marketing Marketing Automation   Need A Speaker on Marketing Topics? […]

Monitoring What Your Competitors Are Talking About


This month’s topic is Audience Analysis, so Matt took some time out of his day to talk a little about how to track what your competitors are talking about, and using that information to produce better content for your audience. We all know it’s really important to analyze your audience, but it’s also important to […]

Why are Videos Good for SEO?


Today Andy explains why video is a great tactic to use for improving your SEO. Video Transcription So people often ask why are videos good for search optimization. Well there’s a couple reasons. the first one is that search engines are putting videos into the results a lot more than they used to and ranking […]

Should you use a CMS for Social Media?


Patrick lets you know why a CMS can help with your marketing efforts. Video Transcription Starting a social media or blogging campaign can be a little daunting at times so here are a couple tips. You know when you’re getting started make sure you think about your frequency that you’re posting and how often you’re […]

Tips on how to select the right keywords


When you’re trying to rank high in search engine results, you need to make sure you’re selecting appropriate keywords. You can go about doing this in a few ways, here are some tips when making your selection: Find words with balance            When looking for keywords you need to find a good balance between searches and […]

Why Should you use Video?


Andy gives his reasoning on why you should consider using video. Video transcription So why is video a good tactic for your marketing? Well there’s a couple reasons. The first is that you can really create a personal connection with your audience. Having yourself on video and talking to someone is a great way to […]

What should your business be thinking about?


Andy lets you know what your business should be thinking about most when looking at marketing solutions. Video Transcription When you’re looking at marketing solutions there’s a lot to look at, but one of the most important pieces is return on investment (ROI), and looking at that through agility and optimization. What you want to […]



MailChimp is an email service provider, and a very intriguing solution for all your email marketing needs. The system itself is very robust, with features such as: A/B split testing Autoresponders Dynamic Content However, Mailchimp is extremely intuitive, and easy to get started with. Newsletter signups operate under a double opt-in philosophy to keep bounces […]

Using a Content Management Software


Content management software (CMS) is designed to help businesses manage, update, and edit content their website. I am sure that sounds like a cool idea, but how do you know if your business needs one? After all, many of these softwares require an investment that exceeds normal annual hosting fees. Here are some questions you […]

What does good Web Design have to do with SEO?


So, you want people to Google your industry’s top keywords and see your site first. However, how does that affect how well your site works and converts once your visitor gets there? Our belief is that the most accessible and easy-to-use sites with great web identities make for the sites with the best SEO. The […]