Introducing The Spinout Show

What is a product spinout and why should you consider it? We talk about the benefits and compare various growth strategies for companies.

Developing Spinout Product Ideas

Even if you have a product concept, the first step is to explore ideas to begin logically measuring opportunities. Watch how we develop new ideas.

Market positioning that inspires, conveys, convinces, & converts

To develop a great product and drive it to success, you must develop the right positioning to entice audiences with why and how the product will deliver for them.

Get your team together, pick your model, and start building!

One of the most important aspects of product development is building a fantastic team and determining a model to sell your product.

Operational & Legal Thinking

When building a product, the approach to operations and handling all your legal requirements is easily put behind writing code and selling but is very important to success.

Bootstrap vs. Raising Capital

Do you bootstrap your new product or raise capital - neither is easy and there is no right answer.

Defining your Business Model

Now is the time to figure out how to sell your product - there are several common models as well as different ways to acquire customers.

Feature Prioritization & Roadmap

One of the biggest challenges founders or spin outs have is to prioritize what features to build.

Market Landscape Deep Dive

As you explore your product ideas, it is important to deeply investigate your market to understand the competitors and opportunities. 

Vetting Your Product Idea for Market Viability

Once you have determined some ideas for product spin outs, there are logical ways to evaluate what the best opportunity is.

Whats this Spinout product development stuff all about?

Companies want to scale. We know that. Services companies can often hit ceilings because of the need to increase labor with revenue growth. But, that is not the only option.

The opportunity is for organizations to look for products that can enhance their offerings while creating new revenue or products that can scale beyond their current clients without the need for parallel labor expansion.

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How To Assess Your Brand, Website, Marketing & Competitors

There are two things required to reach a destination - first to know where you want to go, but second to also know where you stand today. It's true, if we asked Google maps to direct us to Pittsburgh, but it had no idea where we were then it could not show us the path we need to take.