Ripping Off the Content Marketing Band-Aid

September 18, 2012

We know that content writing is one of the most difficult parts of a new website initiative. Maintaining that content is even harder.

Consider content strategy as part of your website plan and overall marketing strategy.

Think about those brochures you got printed four years ago. Did you rebrand? Offer new services? Create a landing page? Need a QR code? Is that image on the front just terribly overused? Not sure who is in charge of this brochure, anyway? Yes? That’s what I thought.

That brochure is more likely than not serving as a hazard to your marketing strategy, not a benefit. It’s made up of content assets that need an owner who is monitoring how that content reflects your organization, your marketing strategy, your evolving audience, and the content’s lifecycle.

The same thing goes for your web content, except that you save printing costs and content can have a much more efficient lifecycle.

A content strategy helps to ensure that your content is effective, properly governed, and in line with your sales and marketing efforts. This means:

We’re not just talking about words�we mean video, imagery, infographics, downloadable assets. It’s a lot! That’s why you can count on teams like ours to manage all that content and offer the best recommendations for its use and your ROI.

Your web content doesn’t have to be outdated, unfindable, and ugly. Rip off the Band-Aid and start thinking about incorporate content strategy into your marketing strategy today!

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