Mobile Website or Mobile App?

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Today Patrick adds to the debate between Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps.

Video Transcription

There’s always debate in mobile marketing about if you need a mobile website or if you need a mobile application, whether that’s for Android or for Apple. I kind of think that it’s dependent on the use that your business is going to see for it, but I’d generally think that a mobile website is a smart first choice. It’s cheaper, it’s faster and is generally going to be a little bit more flexible than a native application. It’s access directly from the mobile browser on your phone, your android or iPhone, which means you don’t have to go to an app store and you don’t have to download something. You can just go to your company’s website and access your mobile version from there. That’s going to help you with increasing visibility, usability and it’s going to be something that’s just available for anybody without any extra effort needing to be put into it. Some of the technologies in html and CSS are really changing into really kind of bridging that gap in performance between and mobile website and a mobile app. So one thing that I would really caution you to do when developing mobile app is to think is this necessary or can it be done cheaper and easier with a mobile website instead. If you need a little bit of help then come check us out at our mobile marketing seminar.