How to Prepare for a Sales Meeting

November 6, 2012

Andy lets you know what you can do to prepare for a sales meeting.

Video Transcription

So, what’s the best way to prepare for a sales meeting? One of the things that I do and I think a lot of us people that are out there talking to new customers is to do research get out there and learn about the company. Learn about the person that you’re going to be working with. The great thing today about having social media available is that you can learn things like the organizational structure, the personality of the organization, or the person that you’re talking to. See what their past job history has been and what skills they might have. These are great tactics.

Then you want to research on the website to find out what services or products they provide, what challenges might they have as a business? You want to learn as much as you can before that meeting so you can have whatever might come to hand to really help them understand how you can help them become more successful. So if you’re going into a sales meeting definitely use the website of the company, use their social media, look at the people you’re going to be talking to and really try to have as much information and ammo you can to have a great successful meeting.

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