How Can You Get More Comments On Your Blog?

January 8, 2013

Patrick talks about improving engagement and increasing comments on your blog.

Video Transcription

Hey, everybody! Let’s talk about engagement and, more specifically, getting more comments on your blog and on your articles. Here are a few things you can do starting today and actually increase the amount of article comments every time you post on your website. The first one is to ask a question. It’s going to seem like you’re not actually shouting out information at your audience but you’re actually engaging them and you want to hear feedback from your audience. The next thing is to actually just to ask for a comment. Just that little fact alone is going to increase the amount of comments that you’re going to get. And lastly make it extremely easy for your audience to actually comment on your site.� Do things like signing in using your social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s going to make it a lot easier then going through a long sign up process, and it’s going to shorten the time that they need to invest in actually making a comment on that article.

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