5 Top-Notch Animated Explainer Videos

Marketing🕑 Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Picture this: You have a product that no one knows about. You start researching some marketing strategies and find something called an explainer video. After learning about what an explainer video is and how effective it can be, you decide that creating your own is the best way to get the word out and generate some buzz about your awesome product. But now you realize that you only have 2-3 minutes to capture attention, engage the audience, educate, and build your case as to why your product is the best. Oh, and all while selling without selling. How do you accomplish all that? There is a lot riding on producing the perfect animated explainer video for your software or product.

Here are a few animated explainer video examples to give you inspiration. (We are a little bias on the first two since we created them.) Aside from what we appreciate in the techniques used in these videos, they are visually interesting while supporting what’s being said without distracting from it. They help hold attention and double your odds of viewer retention by pairing verbal information with visual memory.

When watching these examples, pay attention to the compelling voice overs, smooth animation, attention-grabbing graphics, well-built stories around each product, and the calls-to-action that drives the viewer to take a next step. All of these elements combined can create a strong animated video to introduce your product to a new viewer.

  1. Binary Defense – Vision
  2. TCDI – CVFox
  3. Nozbe.com – Simply Get It All Done!
  4. Choose Health Delaware
  5. NOVA PBS – CyberSecurity 101

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