Andy lets you know why infographics are a great way to display your content.

Video Transcription

So using infographics is a great tactic for your website. An infographic is basically taking text, statistics and other information and turning it into a graphical format, something that is an engaging and exciting visual for your users. Infographics are great because they are more compelling to the audience. It’s something that is going to capture their attention and they’re going to follow through more than they would with a couple paragraphs of text.

The other thing is that it tends to be more sharable. Something like and infographic that is visual and is creative is going to be shared much more than a big block of text or statistics.

The third reason is that is comprehensible. People will understand the information more. People do tend to stop reading especially after a couple paragraphs or sentences of text. But if you put in a visual format and make it creative, people will really follow through that information, comprehend it and retain it more. So if you get the chance and can turn your text or other information into infographics it’s going to get a lot more value out of your site.

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