Why Should You Think Like a Publisher?

June 10, 2013

Today Patrick explains why you should think like a publisher when creating content.

Video Transcription

So one thing that I really think would help get a brand or marketer in the mindset that needs to be made or you need to be in to make great content is to really think of yourself as a publisher. What I mean by thinking of yourself as a publisher is to think like a magazine publisher does. Create great valuable, shareable content for your audience no matter how niche or how wide that might be. You know are the end of the day your job is really to create content that is going to be easily read, easily consumed, and easily shared, so some tips that you can do to think like a publisher are to create timely content you know with offers that are done at the right time to the right person. Create content that is easy to share with great headlines, great featured images, great snippets for when you’re sharing on social media and so on and also just to make it so that is extremely pointed to make a great conversion. So if you want somebody to sign up for a newsletter or if you want somebody to go ahead and purchase a product to go ahead and make that ask and what I want you to do is sign up for our seminar this month on content marketing. It’s June 27th here at the Cleveland Agora and I’d love to see you there.

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