Why Should Video be Included in Email Campaigns?

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Today Andy explains why you should include videos in your email campaign.

Video Transcription

So using videos in emails can be a really successful tactic and there are a couple reasons why. The first reason is if you’re putting a nice image of a video that people are going to click on with a great tagline or hero statement that gets people to click, they’re more likely to do so because people are more attracted to images than they are text likes. So if you’re sending out those emails and you have a bunch of words on the page in a couple text links versus putting an image of a potential video that they can click on more likely they’re going to click through because they’re more attracted to that video image and more likely to go through and that’s what the statistics show about email marketing. Another reason is that people know where they’re going. When you’re just putting a regular text link through email you don’t know necessarily where you’re going to go. You’ll get to a page maybe take some sort of an action but when you have a nice video image of people clicking through than it’s more likely that they are going to understand that they are going to go watch a video and be able to see something that’s engaging and that they’ll get some value out of. Another reason is that people open emails on a lot of different devices and now the technology is there that people can be and even want to be watching videos on their ipad on their iphone on whatever device that they have whether they’re at their desk or on the go. So even if you’re doing those email-marketing campaigns and a lot of people were opening them on these different devices it’s very likely they’re still going to watch those videos and be engage by them. And then finally the last point is that video is just such an engaging piece of technology that people are more likely to click on it than they are other things so if you’re thinking about doing an email marketing campaign make sure you’re doing those videos and include them in those campaigns.

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