Why is it Important to Change Up Your Email Marketing?

To Rewrite🕑 Reading Time: 1 Minutes

Today Andy talks about a great way to improve your email marketing efforts with a simple test.

Video Transcription

Hey, everybody! If you’re doing email marketing campaigns, I want you to try something different. Go in and test different types of email content. One thing you see in a typical newsletter is longer emails that have multiple articles and a lot of different content. Maybe this month try out split testing where you can send some of your emails to one group and another group of emails to another group, and do one with really short punchy stuff. Where you have one article that you’re really focusing on, maybe a quick list of some more, versus your traditional one that is maybe longer. Or if you’re doing short punchy ones, try one that is a little bit longer and see how that works. And maybe there are some other concepts where you are adding images or doing other things to try to test these. So what you want to do is send out these different emails to a different subset of your email-marketing group, and then come back and look at the statistics. Did more people click through on one of the emails versus the other, did they share it more times, what other things happened. So if you’re sending out those email newsletters, try to do a changeup in the style and layout to see if you’re getting better results from one or the other. So if you’re doing that, go and try it today.