What Should Be Included on the About Page?

January 14, 2013

On today’s Insivia Insight Patrick talks about how you should write your about page in order to make your users feel comfortable with who your company is.

Video Transcription

One of the hardest pages to write content for on any website, especially when its your own website, is the about page. What do you say? What do you put on there? The first thing I’d say is to avoid using stock photography because it doesn’t actually portray who you are as a business on your about page. The second thing is to be genuine. You know tell about your culture, what your company is about, what you promise to do as a partner, or as a organization that you’re going to do business with. The last thing that I would recommend that you say on your about page is to actually say something about the company. There’s really nothing more frustrating as a web user then going to a website and not actually getting anything out of it on that visit. You leave the page feeling frustrated, not understanding why you were on the site in the first place, and you might not ever think about doing business with them in the future. So I guess to make my point here, when you are writing an about page, be genuine, tell a story, and really try to engage with your users and let them know who you are.

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