What makes for a good email marketing experience?

May 27, 2009

So, you’re starting an email marketing campaign–even (in the age of social media) a very useful and one of the most viable tools for keeping in touch with your clients and prospects. You’ll have a lot to consider, but here are three very basic tips to keep in mind to make people read:

  1. Some people don’t have images turned on in their email. I had a professor in college once who pointed out that if we didn’t bother printing out our papers for grading (rather than emailing), he wouldn’t bother grading them.� Similarly, if you don’t bother putting in text-based alternate content for us non-image folk, we won’t bother to read your message.
  2. Be consistent but don’t overwhelm. Starting or maintaining a customer relationship is just like any other one.� Make sure you keep in touch and let us know you’re thinking about us, but don’t get clingy and give us a new message every three hours.
  3. Give us a reason to open it. Remember that, just like direct mail, lots of people are deleting your message before they open it. Use a similar sensibility here. Here, we’re talking about your message subject. Choose something appropriate and engaging for your audience. (Also, by the way, stay away from all caps–your message may be important, but it’s unprofessional and makes you look like a spammer.)
  4. Have a purpose. Is there an action to take and is that action a main part of the design.� If we don’t clearly tell or ask people what to do next, how can we expect any results.� Also, back that action up with a landing page!

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