What is Your Logo Saying About Your Company?

To Rewrite🕑 Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Like it or not, social media is becoming more and more relevant in the business world. One thing to keep in mind when wondering if you are “social media ready” is your logo. If it has been a few years, or maybe a few decades, since you have given your logo any thought, there are a few question I encourage you to ask yourself.

What is my logo saying about my company?

Is it showing the public how professional and successful we are?

Is this logo giving off the message that we are unique?

Does my logo set me apart from the pack?

If you answered “nothing really” or “no” to any of the previous questions, it is probably time to consider refreshing your company’s image by giving the logo a lift!

That said, logos that have a history with the business are still able to become contemporary without changing the image completely.Take the Mac Apple for instance. The Apple has gone from being a black and white pencil sketch of Issac Netwon sitting under a tree with an apple dangling overhead to a multicolored apple, a sleek black apple, and an edgy chrome apple. The important thing to note is that the logos stayed consistent with the message Macs were trying to sell at the time (e.g., Then the logo was initially changed from multicolored to solid, the phrase “think different” accompanied the new launch.)


So, before you decide to enter the world of social media, take a minute to think about your logo and the message it sends to the public. Never be afraid to ask yourself why it is the way it is or what benefit might lie in changing it to reflected your current position instead of your historical situation.

Photo courtesy of: Flickr