What Is Geofencing and How Can It Be Used By Marketers?

February 21, 2013

Today Andy explains Geofencing and how marketers can use it to promote their brand’s products and services.

Below is an example of a Geofencing campaign by Starbucks.


Video Transcription

If you haven’t heard of Geofencing, it’s an approach where you create a virtual fence around a specific geographic area that when people go in it they can receive messages, alerts, coupons or other information sent to their mobile phone when they go into that area. It is opt-in which means that people have to sign up for it or subscribe to it to get that information. If you want to set something up like that, you can create a Geofence and whenever one of your customers who as opted in comes into that area send some sort of message that drives them to your store, your location or to something special that’s going on. So if you haven’t looked into Geofencing and you have a physical location it might be something really interesting that you might want to get into and take advantage of early on.

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