What Are the Benefits of Having a Survey on Your Site?

December 19, 2012

Andy talks about using a survey on your site in order to increase conversions and leads.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody! I just want to talk about another conversion idea for you today. Surveys, a great little tool that can be used to pull results about things that are going on in your industry or changes that are happening or what might be important to your target audience. Asking people to fill out that survey and even having that bonus at the end saying that you'll send the results to everybody so that they can see how their competitors or the industry are answering that same survey and get a sense of what's going on in the industry. So if you're thinking about an interesting little conversion idea create a cool survey with a couple results, ask people to put their email address and you'll send them the summary of all the results and you can use that as a way to gain some contacts, people that might be interested but aren't ready to call of fill out your contact form.? So try doing a survey today an increase those leads.

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