Top 10 SEO Mistakes To Avoid For SaaS Companies

July 6, 2015

With so much to focus on in Search Engine Optimization it is easy to make a mistake. We've made a list of the top 10 SEO mistakes you should try to avoid when working on your SEO campaign.

As a SaaS SEO Agency, we focus a lot on tactics to increase rank but there are also a lot of tactics that should be avoided if you want to lose rank.

1. Choosing Keywords Without Research

In order to effectively optimize the types of keywords in seo for your site, you need to choose the appropriate keywords. Not only are they important because they are used throughout your content, they are also responsible for attracting search engine spiders. With the wrong keywords you can miss valuable opportunities and gain traffic that won't convert.

2. Bad Content

If you have content that is unreadable or useless to the user, the keywords you choose won't matter. Content is one of the most important elements to search optimization and with great content comes great conversion. Use it as a selling tool and make sure it provides the user with the information they are seeking.

3. Building The Wrong Links

Building links just to build links is not a great strategy when it comes to SEO. You need to make sure you are building quality links that search engines will respect and use in their ranking system. Linking to directories is not enough and only provides low quality links. You should try to link to a well respected and trusted industry site that will be worth more to you than 100 links from directories.

A title tag is what will be displayed when someone sees the search results of your page in Google or another search engine. Not optimizing it for the search engine is, unfortunately, a common mistake made by many companies. This isn't only important because it shows as the title of your site in the search results, but it also helps with optimization.

5. Using A Flash Website

One of the main problems with flash based websites is that it is not very friendly. Not only is it limiting to the users, it also is unreadable to search engines. Search engine spiders can't read your content if it is in flash and therefore they can't index your site. If you must have a flash website please provide an HTML alternative.

6. Flooding Your Content

You do need to make sure to include your keywords in your content, but you also need to make sure you don't flood your content. This means that you place so many keywords throughout your content that it ends up being unreadable. Make sure you place your key words logically throughout your content so it read naturally to search engines and your readers.

7. There's More Than One Search Engine

A mistake that many people make is that they only focus on Google. Google is a large search engine if not the largest, but it isn't the only search engine being used by users. You need to prepare your site for all search engines to get the full benefit of SEO.

8. Don't Pay For Links

After Google updated its algorithm to Penguin it became dangerous to pay for links. Search engines have started to expect you to create quality links naturally and paying for links are a violation. The best way to avoid this is to focus on creating great content and earn your links naturally.

9. Ignore your target audience

When you optimize your site you need to make sure you keep your audience in mind. Use language that your audience uses and will understand, and make sure to define terms that aren't commonly used.

10. Lack of Maintenance

The bottom line is, if you want to be successful in SEO, you must keep you site update with fresh content and adjust your strategy as algorithms change.

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