Tips on how to select the right keywords

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When you’re trying to rank high in search engine results, you need to make sure you’re selecting appropriate keywords. You can go about doing this in a few ways, here are some tips when making your selection:

Find words with balance

When looking for keywords you need to find a good balance between searches and competition. The number of searches depends on how many times that specific word is used to find something, and the competition depends on whether or not the word is being used by a lot of sites. For example the phrase “marketing company” has high competition and low searches with about 673,000 global searches a month, which means you’ll have a difficult time getting the number 1 rank. It is going to be impossible to find keywords that have a ton of searches but no competition. So make sure you try to find words that have a good balance of searches along with competition.

German Shepherd Walker

Try to avoid selecting words that are too vague. Most of these words will have high competition and won’t help someone find exactly what they are looking for. For example don’t use words like Cats and Dogs when you only breed German Shepherds or American Shorthair cats. Try to be specific to the type of cat or dog so when people search for it, the search engine will pull your site up.

Avoid using single keywords

People don’t usually use a single word to search for something, so why would you use a single word as a keyword? Most single keywords are too broad anyway and won’t yield the search results a user would like. If you’re a pizza company you shouldn’t use “Pizza,” you should use “Brick Oven Pizza” or “Authentic Italian Style Pizza.” This will help cut down your bounce rate and improve your ranking when someone uses those specific keywords.

Check out your Analytics

It is always a good idea to check out the analytics of your website and see what keywords and phrases people are already using to get to your site. You can also use tools like Google Adwords to see what words work best for your site and where they rank.