The Plain Dealer features Insivia’s growth

January 27, 2010

Insivia, a marketing & web design agency, is bucking the trend: during a time when the economy is on the decline, we are doubling in size. There is opportunity in the current market for innovative firms like Insivia. The Plain Dealer article featuring Insivia seems to have noticed and is checking us out to see what’s so different.

By: John Kuntz

Ohio is suffering the worst of this economic downturn, but firms like Insivia are proving that this area has potential. As one of the tech firms on the forefront in Ohio, our example shows that there is plenty of room to change directions away from manufacturing and focus instead on bringing a intellectual marketplace to Ohio. Andy Halko has steered Insivia in the right direction and has positioned his company to capitalize on the emerging economies that need marketing services in Northeast Ohio.

About Insivia

We're a SaaS Growth Agency scaling SaaS & technology companies through brand positioning, integrated marketing, web design, sales and retention.