Target Market

Software companies have different target markets and the audience they are trying to reach with their software. Some companies may be targeting small businesses while others are targeting larger enterprise-sized businesses.

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Friending Clients on Facebook


Often in presentations I hear: when it comes to social media keep professional contacts on LinkedIn and avoid connecting to work related folks on Facebook. I am not sure that I agree with this mantra. Yes, Facebook is more personal. I make jokes with my friends, post pictures of my off times, I become fans […]

Get Sales and Have People Promote It Too


I was sent this by a potential client recently and loved the idea. IKEA (I love their furniture–our office is full of it) offers a promotion that if you tweet from their store, you get $10 to spend. Now, not only is IKEA getting people to the store, they are giving them only a small […]

What is the value of a Facebook Fan?


Facebook pages are becoming more and more popular with marketing your business; and perhaps you have already taken the necessary steps to build your fan base. Beyond that, however, have you ever wondered how much a Facebook fan is worth?

Should social media be controlled?


Companies that are open and actively communicating with online consumers enjoy ever increasing brand loyalty because those consumers feel a camaraderie with the company that works with them.

How much business could you be losing to leftover links?


We are constantly creating links that have an unknown shelf life. With social media, sending links out on Twitter, our links could potentially be out there on the internet for years just waiting for someone to find them.

How do I manage social media on WordPress?


WordPress is a great content management solution for small and even in some cases large businesses. It is a robust scalable application which boasts one of the easiest to use interfaces. Recently Insivia programmed and developed a plugin for the WordPress software to help manage Social Media. Here is a description of some of the […]

So, how do I change that Facebook thumbnail image?


Okay, so the other day I was sharing a link on my Facebook page, and the thumbnails were, as usual, ridiculous. I have nine to choose from: #1 is a hot tub, #8 is the logo, and #9 is, inexplicably, the navigation. You can see below our link is shared with the banner for our […]

How can I Leverage Social Media to my benefit?


Andy Halko, CEO of Insivia, recently spoke to the Cleveland Federation of Business Coaches about Social Media. The 40 person plus group was extremely interested in how they can begin to leverage social media for growing their businesses and companies. The slides below were used for the presentation. Social Media Marketing View more presentations from […]